Change of era, like any other important transition, has quite little transcendence which causes a lot of activity. Some of the dinosaurs already knew about the meteorite and they continued eating and drinking though.

Many people don't realize it but this transition between the age of Pisces and Aquarius is causing a bad effect to them. The angels's issue is especially evident and painful. Angels are these Mr. Sexless, men and women, who show up in public, usually in groups. Their angelic dress makes them easily recognizable and especially powerful, which is, as I say, a sexless power that gives them a strange confidence.

Their uncorrupted innocence scares us because we fear that puts us in danger. That's why their presence provokes rejection, almost nausea, which is good because it leads us to call our beliefs into question.

Angels are actually among us to help us but not that way. We do not want to let angels behind but we can't avoid to keep rejecting their bodies because we keep forgetting that they're the representation of the unbelievers's God. When you can't believe in God, God becomes unique and he is not to blame. Angels let us know that God should not be dead but angels can not say anything other than the truth anyway. Well, angels can't have anything other than weight too.

Angels laugh which is the symbol of the missing humanity between those two modern worlds and this new era which we've accepted. If this seems unfair to you it's just because silence no longer reminds you of the unnecessary world's balance. We walked forward, hurt by life but happy because we've not had to live. Men and women are falling, also forward, not knowing that below the threat is paradise. We've decided to speak God's language so we do not have to ask for forgiveness. God was the other and God is dead. Once again, at the paradise gate, you are the twenty-six year old God that no one has ever been before.

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