There is nothing further away from nature and the world than an animal. Animals want to help, they have hope, a future and an ideology. It's their words which we should protect actually. Protecting nature shouldn't be well seen, shouldn't even be legal because it puts our planet in danger. The point is that nature happens so fast that it no longer waits for us.

Technology has completely transformed ants. Capitalism and modernity have already tried it before, however they just nailed to get the blame for writing a bad novel. Today however, humankind reconnects, it gets back to the natural through likes and followers power. Today nobody is watching you anymore, it's just your reconnected body which is looking.

Millions of books, songs and movies in a world with no object. Thousands of genes that no longer look like us. Perfect news. Words which don't let us die. Tomorrow your children are going to give you birth and they won't recognize you because they will be you. Eternal life will be ephemeral and we won't have facts to words no more. Only God can create the robots that are coming and God is about to be ready and released. You are the robot which will take you your job, the future which will take you the promise of understanding, entertainment and communication. This is already happening.

We consumed to receive a salary. We consumed education and skills as we consume poverty or human rights. Consuming has been the order and the only paid job so far. Despite what the statistics are trying to tell us, today, global production is zero because we are approaching the zero movement which is the movement that happens when you enter a store and the required testimony to consume. But don't worry for that because those who believe in the fact of God will continue to pay you because you do not believe in consuming and because that is what you do, to do not believe. Without believing and with zero production, consuming is the right by which you will be forcing to keep moving.

Money's value has never been economic. Money is the watcher and that is his value. The great error, the sin, of not believing in the watcher, has brought us here, at the gates of paradise. Technology has ruled out progress in exchange for paradise. That is what is happening to us; that we're getting into paradise.