In the silence I feel comfortable. The desert, the decadence and the abandonment gives us form because in the silence future dies with no limits and no words. In that echo you can hear classy people who blame the universe for feeling small or you can see souls looking at ants face to face. In the silence I finally understand you without your need.

In silence, however, there is no tranquility, peace or rest. In the silence the desperate and vicious glances impose their forgiveness on their victims. Silence keeps me away from you because it's not fair. That's why I need to find a place where it makes sense to get in trouble.

All those people who believe that dancing is what they can't do, where did they learn to be such good cowards? Before knowing that they did not know, why did they decide to recognize the teacher and thus, reveal the secret in exchange for an identity? These people think that it's the instinct which led them to change their freedom and knowledge to fear and power. In truth though, they're such good cowards because it isn't the first time they try it. It isn't the first time that in this world we let them to try it however they will never know to avoid having to say thanks.

The homeland is one of the silences that artists try to hate with their lyrics, their sounds and their silences. They wave their poetry form flags to ask the Father for permission. They mark their borders with their music and their stories in order to be generous again. Artists possess all the identities and all the nationalisms but only speak about the selfishness that the Father gave them. In this change of era, selfishness speaks to us about the only gift we are capable of accepting without fear of getting lost trying to find the only way to be a system and help out.

Far away from art I approach you. Silence, like an imagination, comes out of my mouth to ask you to stay. In that silence you can talk about everything, prejudice becomes beautiful and people and countries stop being a prison. Without a jail where breathing, my robot identity stops looking for those thousands of followers who, with their learned caresses, make me human. My language is robot. In the silence, as in a lie where I lose my fear, my scream is heard again: it is the new fake.

The new fake is the young and clumsy scream with which the artist identifies himself. The new fake is the point of encounter, evolution and understanding between the artist and the robot which is borning inside you. The new fake is the outcome of our success while the old lies were the outcome of our hope. The old lies held the truth which today stands on the same floor on which the robots walk.