Even if you think that's how you understand me, speaking the language of God helps me to get away from you and the sacred. That is the trap in which we both fall while we smile and lose the possibility of the human. Speaking is the way which only semi gods be understood whose only pretension they have is not to be deceived. Regarding you and me, it would be enough to stop smiling. To speak to you the language of God is to condemn you to silence while you lock me up in your understanding. Anything so as not to stop smiling.

Art does not have to be what you like. Art is not what art talks about. Art does not communicate because art should not recognize you. Hide yourself from art. It would be easy to finish art but art must exist. Art must be one, the only one and we should be able to see it. To see art is to change the world but that is not the most difficult thing. The most difficult and dangerous thing is to share it because sharing art is to stop smiling.

Set art free. Do not tie it to what you like so you'll know where to find it. Art is understanding but that understanding is not for you. Art sacrifices that information in the name of loss and excess material so we can touch the extremes and by that, confusion makes us regain proportion and form and ultimately, we can disobey the father.

Art does not have to be what you are. The only thing which should worry you is that art should reject you. That's the signal which you shouldn't take it personally. Art must reject you as an animal rejects you when he knows he's about to die or as children reject you when you tell them not to run barefoot. That is the only help you will get from art and the only way to challenge time and take a step ahead.

Art has no other relationship with you. Everything else is to speak the language of God because outside the language of God you can lose yourself. Outside the language of God words die at the mere contact with the air, they solidify in any way, sometimes in a ridiculous way but as real as the ashes that leave behind when you dare to touch them.

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