The catalan opportunity is a force and a creator. We don't know how to pronounce it and it seems to us whether good or bad just to be able to see it. We could never talk about the catalan opportunity, now we know that and so it has to be.

The reaction of Spain and Europe to what happened in Catalonia has been the same violent silence said over and over again. Likely to the scared reaction that art has toward us and so as we, weak and violent, facing what we better understand but we can't pronounce. Anyways, that's history and history's no longer repeating itself thanks to the catalan opportunity and the fear we've expressed.

The catalan opportunity forces us to react but doesn't let to deceive ourselves. Wordless, our reaction just can be primitive and non-violent. But once again, the primitive issue and his memory scares us and violence comes up under a future's shape. The catalan opportunity is a challenge to civilization which reacts with an eternal gesture.

The catalan opportunity isn't the enemy. Civilization's dream wanted to switch dream by faith, turning gullible people, difficult to deceive, into atheists too much believers into their lack of faith. So what has happened is that the gullible ones we ran into a battle in order to lose against none enemy. That's the lesson we've given us the chance to learn in a world where everything needs to be possible.

The catalan opportunity loses the world. Stop being possible. The catalan opportunity can only be drawn and by doing so it comes up the true enemy which is art. Art, which try to envy what it already is, does not tolerate the catalan opportunity neither its forms nor its creative force. Art just respects the reasons of the catalan opportunity.

The catalan opportunity is not the image and that's why it seems an illusion. In order to be able to tell the truth we let us to steal reasons to have not to give birth words that no longer respect us but just allow us to dead. Because words remain intact. The catalan opportunity isn't about the war of words but to get out to seek for words that are waiting for us.

In the midst of darkness, the catalan opportunity has disconnected us from the source and just for a moment, so someone can say no. The energy of that inexhaustible word has taken form and it moves up. Full of sterile reasons, we move alongside it and we thank it for give us back to our human shape and helping us to close the circle of our old cynicism.

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