I've never travelled. Locked up in that idea I went halfway around the world, I saw a single landscape, I visited only one country, I met only three men, a dog, a pig and a monkey, just one woman and dozens of animals and trees. "How many trees have there been in your life?", I use to ask myself when I lose hope. Trees don't like us too much. I don't think to them as friends but they help me to get hope back. I mean, who wants friends with such enemies!

I've never studied. Damned for a sin from which I couldn't learn anything, I approved everything until God stopped believing me. Later, science ceased understanding me, money stopped needing me, democracy stopped listening to me, nature stopped looking for me and I no longer entertain culture. Despite that, I never stopped believing enough to write my own traps:

Trap 1. If you think it's a game, you'll learn how to obey. Trap 2. If you do not believe, you'll write it. Trap 3. If you believe, you'll never hear yes again.

Reading books is the promise of paradise. To read books is to steal to the wounded child you've been, the opportunity to explain himself. To read books is the grown up way of being humiliate in order to be happy. If you refuse to read books you end up having the trees as your enemies who they learn you which is the most obvious real way. Education, which is sacred, shouldn't be in the hands of teachers or priests. No priest or professor who does not workout at gym has any credibility anymore. We say and we do and all of them they are but just activities of priests and teachers. Activities which only belong to all those who do accuse, to all those who seek for a shelter in that trench over there, far away always, from the eternal struggle.

I've never got a job. Same as priests and teachers, I've never got a job either and I chose to do what I felt me least able to do, which is, to venerate the father. To get a job is to earn the right to disobey the father which means a resignation that is within the reach of few people. So far, I've just reached the right to not dress the habit which is the right to do not win.

I've never had a project. Too extremist to be violent, the future didn't give me any chance. In the meanwhile, I keep writing words like 'never' or like 'always' and conjugating verbs like 'be' only to compel my past from forgetting me.

I've never been here before. I know it because I do not have rights and also I can see it in the eyes of cats, children and the dead. Men and women abandoned us. Where are the human beings that promised us with? Cats, children and the dead do not seem to care too much about it, so, why should I should be worried? While I look for my place in the society of the waiting cats and children, paradise is widening more and more, leaving the dead without the possibility of dissaster.

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