Change of era, like any other important transition, has quite little transcendence which causes a lot of activity. Some of the dinosaurs already knew about the meteorite and they continued eating and drinking though.

Many people don't realize it but this transition between the age of Pisces and Aquarius is causing a bad effect to them. The angels' issue is especially evident and painful. Angels are these Mr. Sexless, men and women, who show up in public, usually in groups. Their angelic dress makes them easily recognizable and especially powerful, which is, as I say, a sexless power that gives them a strange confidence.

The incorrupt innocence of angels scares us because we believe it puts us in danger. That is why their presence causes us rejection, almost nausea, and this is good because it leads us to call our beliefs into question. Their frozen laughter, as a sort of lost humanity, pushes us to want to recover the war's form and to try to place ourselves between those two modern worlds that we're leaving behind and this new era which we have accepted.

Because angels also fear us or so they believe. Angels are neither matter nor cease to be, or so they believe. Angels are the guardians of something valuable or so they believe. The matter is angels are not able to say anything other than the truth and use language only to avoid having to ask for forgiveness. That is why we should believe angels when they tell us to trust them and be fooled by their appearance. We should also believe them when they tell us that their faces and smiles are not a reflection of anything but the truth of mortal and free men, of men and women who wish to be able to choose and be forgiven. And therefore we should believe them when they beg us only with their faces or with a true smile that their sacrifice should not go unpunished. However, instead of killing or being killed, we rather not to be able to be anything other than free artists condemned to the certainty that we can show up and let be seen.

Angels have always had the ability to define us and that has cost them dearly. The decline of the angels is the price they have paid for our lack of selfishness and it is in our hands to be able to stop it. In this new era, with no time for defeats or victories, it is war once again that is back at stake. In this new era where God is not the other, where God is not dead, where angels can only continue to fall forward and where some people, to save themselves, continue to cling to the possibility of disaster, the threat is underneath in the form of paradise

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