First of all I thought I hated children for forcing me to hate them. Afterwards I thought I hated parents because they didn't let me to hate their children crying for freedom. I was wrong. Who I do really hate is that person who nobody wants and who kidnaps us by his smile, who cries not properly and never thanked his parents. To that loser who's unable to face his future's success and only knows anything but win. Who talks to animals just to listen to himself, listens to people only to hear God and tells God he is an animal.

Our children are no longer which the most looks like us, but having them is still the easiest way to ask for help. Since we no longer have children because art stole us selfishness, now, in order to ask for help, we post our own photos of when we were children in social networks. Asking for help is an art which only children understand, it's the war's main issue which we've wanted to forget in order to get a future. Technology has finished with progress. Technology today is which the most looks like us and get us the closer to which we already are. Natural Selection has died and art has made us winners.

Mothers are meant to be our last hope. Future fears them and art, for the same reason, hates them. Mothers are not right because they do not need to ask for help and dream about the war in order to resign defeat. Mothers who have no reason, do talk to defeat their enemy in the child's form as their son in the enemy's form. Mothers who really can handle the form have no future because they're the only ones who do choose.

Mothers are not mothers because they do not submit to themselves in order to be. Us it's not violent nor an appearance but it doesn't belong to itself therefore it will never win war. You it won't win war neither because war for words doesn't exist. Winning war is winning war for words which doesn't exist. Even if you can win you will not be blessed or damned. You it's the future not kidnapped by time, the non-way of being, our only voice and our only act.

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