The danger for independence is not nationalism but an exclusive vision represented, today, by many professors, historians, philologists and many other guardians of essences. It is actually a simple and transversal vision that is expressed in very different ways but all of them with a single purpose, to be able to fear the future instead of oneself.

It is about choosing not to understand that to achieve independence either we renounce being Catalan and dilute our language, history and culture in the future or there will be no freedom or true civil rights. To dilute in the future to emerge strengthened, as a people, and from which only sure consequence is not to disappear but to understand.

The republic is just to go to Madrid and do take it. It's so easy that Catalonia will never be a republic and that is why we're playing to get us wrong by making up enemies and doing all kind of very indignant gestures. We have fought against Spain and Spain has nothing understood. Spain has not lived up to the struggle and therefore, it is impossible it rise the challenge of the dialogue. It is not that we don't have any ally but we don't have any enemy and that's the reason why we must understand that we are alone in this fight. We will lose if we consider Spain as the enemy because we will reduce the fight to a something you can win. We can continue as now, resisting and seeing how Catalonia, yes Catalonia indeed, steals us, little by little, the fight from our hands, or we can return to the nonviolent struggle. Nonviolent struggle has nothing to do with violence but with the 'nakedness' of the body, that is, knowing how to get rid of the enemy. Perhaps the time has come to betray the independence of Catalonia, making this goal a selfish option since any attempt to relate it to the past or the future will be condemned. Neither communism, nor socialism, nor cooperativism, nor syndicalism or anarchism. Only independence is the noninnocent decision to make from our egoism a system.

The nonviolence strategy has nothing to do with pacifism. It has to do with the need to take the initiative away from the enemy by getting rid of the language but also understanding that it's the war which is at stake but not the speech. On October first, 2017, 'catalans' we did not win and this misunderstanding is one of the mistakes which have led us to the current and awful situation. That day, we did something different to win, we said what it is to win. From the historical point of view, that day, Catalonia decided what was the historical point of view. That is the true power of people which is at the same time, his fear. Fighting for the freedom of all of us makes us the enemy of all of us. On October first, a year now, we won when we left without enemies nationalism, socialism, communism, capitalism, pacifism, art, feminism, etc, and that is what is hard to take. The catalan's awkward political situation we're living today is the poisoned fruit of all of this. During this last year, the independence movement, subjected to a process of leftism and forced to confront the ghosts of the left, has forgotten that its true strength lies in the fact that it does not depend on any enemy to explain itself.

The modern State power is exercised through non-violence. Thus, violence turns into the state's way so you can step down from power and still feel like a winner. For example, it's the civilized stategy of those who do not live in a country because they already have an identity. Violence is the reason that the State gives you to explain yourself.

The repression against Catalonia tries to impose fear as the only reality. Fear wants to be the only thing that makes us understand what is going on in Catalonia and the only intelligence that helps us to recognize each other. This necessary fear makes us more and more believers which makes us to lose faith and becoming less recognizable. As has happened before in history, Catalonia is giving birth to Spain. This is the conflict.

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