The catalan movement has (almost) nothing to do with nationalism. Only around an historical 18% of the catalans for the independence are considered nationalists. It has (almost) nothing to do either with any other of the considerations which have been said constantly therefore they still has to be said. Despite the noise of the discussions to which this movement is subjected could've been able to alter its goals, even its causes, it has not been able to drown its voice out, the one which left to all with no enemies one year and a half back. That is what scares the most supporters and critics of this movement, the diluted identity in a single voice that scares both owners and servants who dispute the voice of others.

The catalan movement has actually more to do with reinventing or improving democracy at a time that the right and the left have collapsed. Despite what they use to say, this current moment of generalized and global collapse represents a great opportunity for democracy. The collapse of the left and the right, which sometimes may it seems more a desire than a reality, is one of the ways that democracy has to call our attention on the importance of this opportunity for change. Because the crisis are not meant to change nothing if we not understand democracy's human relation.

Democracy is not a system but a goal. Understanding this means to understand that democracy is an endless process to achieve not a system but a unity. Democracy get us ready to go outside the law. It is a constant and frustrating learning process which must continue so democracy can be proven. To think we live in a democracy is the first step to be wrong. To think democracy is to respect for law is the second one. Hence the importance of non-violence in the catalan movement and the reason why it's the language chosen by this movement.

Unlike pacifism, which just by itself is not a language, the will of the catalan movement to be non-violent is, in addition to the will to be heard, the will to be able to listen as clearly as possible. This is our first step towards the Law and what we did on October 1st, 2017. On that day, the catalan movement carries out one of the most powerful democratic performs, indebting itself to the eternal gesture of Rosa Parks and giving the favor back to the french Revolution.

Because definitly, the October first, 2017 is not a day, it's the Act. The October first, 2017 is the revolution, that is, the revolution's representation which escapes from history and it is therefore, the un-useful Change, which means, the being free.

All the revolutions since the XVII century have failed not because of the "enemies of the revolution" but because of the Right-Left regime which created them. The right is the left's utopia. There is no the right but only the ghosts of the left, hundreds of times more powerful than any conspiracy. The right is not morality, money, religion, militarism, but what the left says the right is. That is the deal on which the modern states and their citizens were built up, identities and nationalisms that never belonged to us so we are forced to defend them because we feel in debt.

The catalan movement, in its fleeting and intense life, has not been able though to run away from the Right-Left regime and it is also collapsing because it did not want to understand the democracy's human relation, it accepted to become a crisis and it did not want to avoid to drown out under the debt of identities. A year and a half after October 1st, 2017, the struggle of the movement is about to ensure that the image of the next regime which is coming, is going to be altered. Beyond that, those of us who were witnesses of that day and we're also being part of that movement, we have the clear convition that the next time someone would be brave enought to say no, his/her voice will be heard louder and stronger.

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