Nature is dead and thanks to this, today we can better believe in God. Also due to the fact that democracy protects us... if it wasn't because of atheists who believe that it's God.

As it happened before regarding God and nature, today democracy is in danger. Atheists try to protect it by making up an enemy. We all know the names of that enemy. There're people who believe they've seen nature. I believe I've seen democracy in the shape of an animal.

Democracy can't have enemies because democracy is also and first of all, barbarism. What is happening in Europe, western countries and worldwide in general as well is that democracy is looking for the necessary boundaries to avoid being kidnapped.

Democracy's limits aren't in the Constitution nor in any other book. Democracy, like education, is a spatial issue and therefore its boundaries are architectural. When it doesn't find these limits though, democracy happens, doing that outside the State of course, but also outside countries and law.

But, what does it happens when you're living in a democratic State which turns against you? Well, firstable it is necessary to clarify that this is not true. Democratic States may be not perfect but they are definitely better than any other system. So, the only thing you can do is asking yourself over and over why a democratic State attacks you and how come you can even feel its hatred so close even being a word you never believed in.

One of the limits of democracy is that democracy is a dictatorship not hijacked by art, with an animal appearance. Another of its limits is that democracy is the miracle that happens without permission from God or art when miracle has not yet taken place.

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