1. What did you ever hear to say?
  2. What should be the first question of every interview?
  3. Do you think that the first answer of any interviewee should be 'Sorry and thanks.'?
  4. Why interviews are usually interesting even if the answers tend to be predictable?
  5. Tell us something not predictable?
  6. Reading is overrated and the theater isn't artificial enought. What do you have to do to be an intellectual?
  7. The interviewees do not have faith. Why?
  8. If the photos steal the soul, the interviews, what do they steal?
  9. If I tell you that you don't know that you are a catalan independentist, what would you answer me?
  10. A man with a tie and another without a tie making them see that they fight. How would you summarize this last century?
  11. When was the last time you changed the world?
  12. They are finishing feminism in exchange for what?
  13. Is the truth a smokescreen?
  14. How would you start a reggeaton song?
  15. If there is any scientific study that demonstrates that science exists, why do they insist that we pay so much attention to them?
  16. When we all will think the same, why will we continue discussing?
  17. By the way, who are you?
  18. What does God's mother think?

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