The great battle which shapes us and creates the world can only be a great Ridiculous battle. The enormous influence of the great battle on what we are going to tell can only be achieved under the appearance of fun and play. Any other form will endure in time but it won't be time and, therefore, its effect over us will be small enough to cause suffering.

Unlike the great battle, battles in history never take place in order to create a future which speaks in our name. Otherwise, the appearance of fun and play does go through history's defenses to let memory speak. Memory doesn't make us remember anything, memory makes us listen to the myself who was always here. We'll keep not being ourselves but, at least, we will be present which is the only non-violent way of giving thanks.

We have stopped trusting in memory because history, art and God allow us to be serious. This seriousness prevents us from knowing to win and lose. When you don't know to win and lose, problems of the world become not possible. Problems which are not possible have the virtue of explaining us, this meaning that war's appearance must cause victims and suffering. The pain of the conflict is not that it isn't resolved but that it does not happen.

We can not win or lose because we let future whisper in our ear that future is the others. That intuition we have left is our lack of selfishness. Selfishness doesn't prevent war but it avoids war's appearance which is what uses you and me in order to endure over time.

While we endure in time we can not be free. By freely expressing ourselves we stay just one step away from being winners and eternals, from being the cause of all wars and all conflicts over time and from not being able to avoid to get to paradise.

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