Nonviolence doesn't respond to anything. It takes from the opponent the control of the confrontation by openly declaring itself non-legal. Nonviolence is being non-legal just to create a state of injustice which did not exist before. The obsession of nonviolence isn't violence but law. It doesn't destroy anything but it's built itself being non-legal. Nonviolence knows that the truth of violence can't be denied. Nonviolence renounces to its enemy to be able to strike and assumes injustice as a body which can't hurt anymore.

Nonviolence wants to be the man of this new era, the free man who's no longer allowed to respect anything, isolated in an environment of peace that treats him like a beast. Man doesn't exist anymore.

Just as nonviolence strives to be the new man, nonword does it so to become the new woman. All woman's forces are used by language to subdue her, to prevent her from respecting anything and to constantly remind her that she always exists. Woman controls war, weapons and enemies, but language still does not recognize it.

Nonword is the true form of war. It's the place where man and woman meet each other for the first time so the inspiration finally can liberate us from the language. Where freedom makes us true.

Nonword wants to be the woman of this new era, the woman with no fear who knows that fake is the truth that can't be denied and the one who has stopped remembering how to obey.

We need women who lie. We need useless men who do not provide service, uncultured men who do not worship. Only the brave woman who lies will recognize the man and only the cultless man with no serving will recognize the woman. From this mutual recognition depends the freedom of all of us and most importantly, the form of freedom.

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