I'm the sea, Mediterranean. Neither light nor color. I'm a madman, countryless, smelling of salt, who will stink your house if you let me in.

I am a traitor who doesn't forgive. The one who despises earth which steals my name and the one who's reflected in the sky with envy. Too dark to be a savage. I hate the inherte earth which only wants nothing. I'm wasting away. Going and coming. Constant and so on, I burn the fire because it's possible.

You keep your happy guitar art. Look at my throat if you dare. If you call me crazy I destroy you. I gave birth to mothers who forgot me. I spit the beaches on your face and I swim in your fair words flooded with rubbish.

I understand the dead world. You will never hear me complain but if you try to drink the sound of the tide I'll be the one who empties myself and calls you sea, Mediterranean.

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