The catalan opportunity is a creative force. Today, we still do not know how to pronounce it and it seems good or bad to us, just to be able to see it. We have never talked about the revolution and it's now that we realize about it.

All the responses and reactions, from the spanish repression to the European Union hypocrisy, including the confusion among a large part of catalan society, regarding to what happened in Catalonia on October 1, 2017, are this same silence filled of gestures, repeated over and over again, and meant to be able to move us forward.

A full silence which art takes advantge of to defeat us, and that should remind us, that fear is not a feeling but a matter of style. It's not true that the unknown scares us. Actually, we are only scared of what we understand best, but we cannot pronounce. Anyway, what is still happening today, and will continue to happen tomorrow, is history now, because history is not repeating itself anymore  thanks to the catalan opportunity, and to having pronounced us.

The revolution can only be original and primitive, that is, non-violent, even though the primitive thing shows its violence in the shape of a future. The revolution is a challenge to the civilization's dream which reacts with an eternal gesture, a verb lost in time. Time is the name that art puts to revolution to make us lose hope.

The catalan opportunity is the enemy. Of course it is! The only one enemy we have known. The enemy which makes us not to be depending on, the enemy which makes us lose the world, the enemy which, on October 1, 2017, force us to heard to ourselves saying no, and the enemy to which we're most grateful for bring us the opportunity to get our human shape back and to be able to close the circle of our old cynicism.

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