There is no denial, no resistance, no mistake. Only our innocence speaking to time. In that conversation everything is concentrated. The definitive solution to save the planet and improve society. Your anger and the doubt about that feeling. And that reason that made you smile. Not being able to say no allows us to live and create. In order to choose or not to believe in what I am saying, all options must be developed at the same time or what is the same, that intelligence forces us to look, that the situation be only capable of thinking everything and we stop belong to it. You never regret this loss.

We have been unable to stop learning for years. Deprived of war, all the struggles you fight, the suffering, resignations and sacrifices we make, we do not do them to survive but to be able to suffer, renounce and sacrifice us, to be able to define ourselves and to know that this does not define us. We have stopped being survivors because before we learned to be winners. While most children and animals scream freedom, you and I we struggle to say thanks.

Nothing is built with beauty. Nor with the imagination. If beauty is a consequence, then we are lost in the sense of time, where nothing is created except everything that has a value. Of this instead, of this gain, you always regret. The beauty introduces itself with the voice which your past speaks to you, in that encounter anyway, we will continue to be lost.

As I have said on many occasions, being lost is the only way to be in two places at the same time and the only way to prevent that the impasse, where beauty places us, becomes a shelter, into the answer that is waiting for us or into saying that life is simple. To be lost is to have the right to denounce that nature kills animals and at the same time, denounce that animals are killing us. And to be able to recognize that this is the context which imposes on us an identity with the shape of a salt statue, an identity that cannot avoid being overwhelmed by the creation of the dead movement.

The society that you protect with your dreams is a beast that wants to change the world, nature, faster than the light of your rivers and mountains, that feeds every second on the amount of what you do not do and what you do not say.

How is man different from animal?

Questions continue to condemn us. We have forgotten that the place from which we ask is an earlier place even than time. To remember, you can cling to the worthy ugliness of the verb to be. And blow up again and again with its help. And be thankful for. Animal-man is not the man of the future, he is the place from where you ask. The nature of Christ is animal, the blind and worthy option that allows us to see.

There is no denial, no mistake, and hence the importance of the misshapen. The deformed saves us. It takes us away from ourselves. If you want to pray for something, pray for the deformed. If you don't want to hurt you when eating hot food, to sleep better, to balance your energy, keep always the deformed in your thoughts. The deformed connects us with God, through his angels, and only the deformed brings me closer to you.

I listen you. Do you really know who you write for? Do you really want to know why you finish with men, with the world and with time, with your will and your little selfishness? Writing is the solution you always run away from, in any direction. You write to stop being and thanks to that, you have achieved that, for the first time in hundreds of years, creation seems possible, imposed. That is why you surround yourself with people. Your brain can smell it.

What do you write for? That is the question that allows us to enter the 21st century, that allows us to choose, that allows us to ask ourselves. You write so you can't stop anything and that gives you the apparent measure of who is him. Someone lifeless. Throbbing. More and more you. Until you find yourself in a question that never ends.

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