The matter which makes you, the matter of your flesh and your bones, the matter of plants, animals and mountains is profoundly polluting and that is the reason why the need for a future of steel and titanium if we want to preserve our planet. That organic and natural feeling you have from matter is sustained by the blood of thousands of murders, crimes and abuses that must continue to happen because matter, as art dictates in its eternal struggle to destroy itself, is never enough.

But that's not the problem. The problem is not that the matter contaminates because your culture is no longer sustainable. The problem is not you. The problem is not me either. It's not the human being or the economic system that threatens the planet because the problem has no a threat but an apology form.

Our planet is one more victim of the State's apologies. As long as we are still able to see nature, you will keep moving away from me and the planet will continue to burn down without being able to be consumed. Our planet can withstand pollution, warming and overpopulation. The only thing it can not withstand in any way, is paradise.

Long time ago someone killed God to preserve heaven and hell. Since then we know where we are going. Much later someone wanted to apologize and said that God had died thus condemning God to be eternal and immortal. Since then God is material and deception is no longer possible.

If deception is no longer possible, how come injustice does? The fact that we are able to see injustice is indeed a bad sign and further proof that culture in order to rule has to be the most obvious form of manipulation. To rebel against this or another injustice we should first be able to not see it. To rebel against injustice is not knowing where you are going but being certain of being on time. To rebel against injustice is the shortest possible material distance between you and me and the most accurate definition of selfishness.

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