The monkey / baboon climbs up a tree, not very hight, and screams out loud. When he sees a crocodile-shaped trunk, he yells too. When he sees a rock in the shape of a leopard, he yells as well. Of course, when a leopard approaches he also screams. That's the reason why the monkey climbed up the tree. He will never occur to turn back to observe the group of monkeys and neglect his primordial function.

Below, the group of monkeys share sometimes the area with a group of feral pigs. These ones are also vigilant but they're right there for a clear reason: sentinel monkey's warnings increase their security.

The monkey / baboon and the feral pig are both omnivores. Occasionally they can both eat meat which generates a sort of tolerated distrust between these groups. Although the feral pig might move in small herd, he rather shows himself up alone, always keeping the distances and suddenly showing an aggressive and dominant behaviour due to his scarce skills of true leadership.

There's no dishonor, shame, frustration or anger in these groups. It's not a story of treachery or war for power. It isn't natural. It's just the alert that dog likes to hear.

But there's something clear in this story: leopard doesn't want to eat you. All that he wants is you say him he's right.

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