Power has realized that the power is you, and that your fear of being discovered is anything but a man in a man's suit, in a woman's suit, in a man's suit, a transvestite with anything to hide not even the old suspicion that others are disguised. The power has realized. The problem, now that we are observed, is that deception will no longer remain a disguise and truth will be the smoke screen that should entertain us. We have mistakenly believed that we could be seen, true enough to have been exposed. Power has realized, we have been seen, and now, you already know it. Indeed. The people already know.

You already know that to take away the power from people, you have to force them to have it, because you don't actually want the power, but only to feel as a winner. You don't want to reject ideas, but just be able to be agree in order to discuss. You don't want to argue, but just to be able to discriminate in order to believe and not to be alone. You know now, that only artists are not alone and that they're the only ones to not be able of having enemies.

We are not weak, but we want to understand, and that is murderous and coward. It is not typical of men and women we are meant to be. For example, we all know what people means, but we ignore that it is not yet necessary to understand something, and that, exactly that, it's the dead light that reach us and keeps our hope alive. If we wanted to understand this, it would be murderous and coward actually. because the fact that we still don't need to understand anything means that revolution is possible, and more importantly, that revolution doesn't mean to be wrong.

There is nothing we can do or say that is not going to be said or done tomorrow. Nothing that avoids creating a future which does not want to understand us and exempts us from all responsibility, that forces us to speak like children and ultimately, that decides for us. We have stopped knowing how to ask for help, and it is no longer possible to us to be thankful in order to create the necessary violence that past needs to remember us. Closer than ever because of the excessive movement, only the men and women who are meant to be, can be, right now, listening to you and reading this. And all of this, for the simple fact of not being exposed.

Most likely, your words and arguments lack the necessary soil and therefore, they also lack the hatred or stupidity needed to burn the planet down and destroy nature. Without the necessary soil, truth and reasons can only offer us the paradise, as the great threat beneath, the miror of animals with hats .

Only the necessary soil can give us the vision that allows us to go into war and not be exposed, to avoid that the possibility of dissaster take the shape of truth.

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