What you're reading can never be read. It was written millions of light years away and now its reflection reach us and dazzles us.

We changed the origin for words and law became unique. Time after, the State which is another word, comes up under the form of an explosion. To understand the State we went back to the origin over and over again by writing only one word.

During these last years the State is asking us for forgiveness which is a form of violence and we start to suspect that life has not been yet. If life has not occurred, something is clear, someone has to be living by us. This no memory thought remember us that only art can be living by us and that's the reason why art is also the first enemy of freedom and the best accomplice of the State.

Prisoners of the State's apologies, every time it will be harder to us not to understand what is happening. As artists within the supergroup, life will nevertheless keep not being so the State will need to apologize again, this time though, the apologies will be addressed to the overwoman. That's the State's plan and what is happening.

Art creates the overwoman because alongside to the State, they both need her to be able to replicate the apologies.

As I've already said, what is happening to us is that we're entering paradise and we're beginning to stop criticizing because the problem's that they do it well.

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