Someone kick classist, authoritarian and white chauvinist male out from the center of the public space, leaving a free space which was filled up with misery, cruelty and fear. That empty full space is fascism. Fascism is the antithesis and the enemy of the wild, the primitive, the jungle and the nature. The existence of nature makes possible fascism because fascism is the natural state of those which have no form. Having form to avoid fascism is useless.

Having form has become useless because we resort to art which envies itself and tries to weed out what it already is. Art which can't be anything other than art is replicated in infinite forms. Art, for example, imitates Time in order to gives us back to paradise. Art is the image which we do listen. Art doesn't need to lose and win is always one of its infinite forms.

To avoid fascism and recover the form we can only resort to the mothers who guide us in war. Mothers teach us that man, who respects his enemy's reasons and therefore he kills him, he never could occupy the public space because man does not exist. In turn, woman, who doesn't respect her enemy's reasons and that's why she do talk, she couldn't do it either because she always exists. Woman is everything which is always said and always shown. Man is everything which can be accepted or can be rejected.

Art hates all these mothers because they are the only ones who hide us the fact that public space is still occupied and the only ones who get us back to the natural state we'll never have. Mothers who allow us to be in two places at the same time explain us that war is the lost form.

We lack of war culture. We miss culture of war and we should have fought more in the schoolyard. The war, miserable, is to explain war which all it seeks is to worship the father but even worse, it moves us away from fascism and from nature as well and get us more closer to paradise than to progress.

Any country is a democracy. Democracy is not a system, it's a unity. The unity is only obtained outside the law. It shows up when we place extreme in the center of the public space because we leave extremes without enemies. If we talk about countries, we must only talk about freedom. The 'most democratic' countries have the least freedom. In return, these countries subject the individual to history and culture so they think freely.This is how the system is created where submission is not necessary because it isn't the fear of freedom that gives form to the current 'democratic' countries but the fact of ignoring how to leave fascism without enemies.

No country is capitalist because if it were, it would cease to be a country. Capitalism is not a system, it's the umpteenth attempt of art for seizing the form of war.

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