There is no Spanish nationalism because Spain does not exist. Spain is pretty much a Catalan political project and it is a project which has failed because of Catalonia's own inability to merge into it, not because of its own nationalism which assumes that Spain is Castile but because of its strong left-wing tradition that prevents it from making or defending itself from revolution. Spain, its empire, its kings, its dictatorships, its Catholicism, is a left-win project, the same that, in the absence of an enemy, builds up the current world.

The failure of Spain is the failure of the independence of Catalonia, hence the inevitable independence of Catalonia will be late. Catalonia would do well to take responsibility without complexes of that failure. Insisting on Spain is dangerous for Catalonia, also for the European Union and for all those governments that aspire to greater influence as well. On the other hand, insisting on Spain is good for all those peoples who wish to reorder globalization according to a more local and more human model.

If Catalonia continues to insist on Spain, the reaction will be a greater global consolidation of the far right and extremism which are nothing more than the insistent and veiled desire to not be, the expression of the desire to not be which makes you feel like a winner. This is a real option that will progress invisible under the guise of, let's say, Spain, Catalonia and a conflict.

For Catalonia, assuming that failure would mean a way out, this meaning, and taking into account its area of ​​influence and size, to assume that the independence of Catalonia cannot mean a republic or a system but a unity. Catalonia will be conqueror or it won't be, knowing that Spain can be anywhere.

Nationalisms and identities no longer protect us. The proof of the existence of Catalonia and its survival is its own inability to materialize itself, that is, to express the desire to feel like a winner. Catalonia has historically shunned that desire. This capacity for resistance, more than any other cultural or historical consideration, is its true differential fact and its commitment to civilization. This resistance isn't grounded on the Catalan people, with their culture, their history and their language, but on the Catalans, without identity because they've been sheltered by the mountain. The victories of the Catalans are never victories but a way of explaining and defining what a victory is. That is the mountain which give to the Catalans a untity and allows them to stop seeing nature. This is how the Catalans express themselves and define their relationship with power and art, not matter if it's just for a momment in time.

Spain and the European Union ignore where they are heading to, something that they can afford as they move towards the imposed failure. Nationalisms are not the populist reaction to the failure of the European Union. The populist reaction to the failure of the European Union is its countries which, in the name of their States, have turned nationalisms into an identity, the force that emerges from not being. Not being is the force that allows you, for example, to kidnap Europe. While we are witnessing in these days, the declared attempt of Catalonia's kidnap, the real internal affair of the European Union remains Europe.

The Catalans is the genuine European nationalism and its true identity. Today Europeans exist more than ever, the proof is that their reality and their will have been kidnapped. The Spaniards, on the other hand, is everything where the modern citizen is projected. Europeans are still able to give up power. The Spaniards don't risk anything anymore.

Without any nationalism or nation to defend, the force that sustains Spain in the conflict against Catalonia is not grounded on its State, its army or its mass media but in the Spaniards. The Spaniards have little to do with the error Spain but are the result of the diffuse and global power. They are the modern citizen who need to face the problems of a entityless world and a weakened reality in order to be fair and democratic. Unable to generate the problem, the modern citizen is the mediator who feeds on the world and exhausts reality. The identity of the modern citizen has ceased to be the way to the city, to become the city itself. Another ghost.

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