art | Why Picasso is such a shitty artist

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July 17, 2021

... art, but art, if it does not teach us not to look, has no choice but to take refuge in beauty, and we are talking about a face-to-face. Therefore, you should hide from art or it will become more and more like you. On the other hand, the deformity, the soil and the lie, by definition, do not accept ...

art | Foreword I

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July 6, 2021

... artificial way possible, far from what you read that it serves me too much. There are so many things that make me sad. Philosophers debased by philosophy, always with their smile. Poets, always believing that there is something more important than what they do, without being able to believe in thei...

art | Thanks

March 18, 2020

... articular way to crush the enemy but the mark that the killer language leaves on you. Between eternity and survival, imagination speaks out with that voice which swallows everything and leaves us alone, the ridiculous struggle against everything, the memory of that day when we were non-violent in or...

art | Interrupted immigration

March 10, 2020

... art becomes useful again for those who have nothing to show. Facing all these threats finished by future, in front of all these lives thrown against our screens, the city fills of soil our words and it's where the tribe speaks the language of robots. Leaving the countryside and walking over the roa...

art | United States of the world

February 26, 2020

... art, not matter if it's just for a momment in time. Spain and the European Union ignore where they are heading to, something that they can afford as they move towards the imposed failure. Nationalisms are not the populist reaction to the failure of the European Union. The populist reaction to the f...

art | The Third World Truth

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October 5, 2019

... artists are not alone and that they're the only ones to not be able of having enemies. We are not weak, but we want to understand, and that is murderous and coward. It is not typical of men and women we are meant to be. For example, we all know what people means, but we ignore that it is not yet ne...

art | The capitalism which can save the planet

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August 14, 2019

... art dictates in its eternal struggle to destroy itself, is never enough. But that's not the problem. The problem is not that the matter contaminates because your culture is no longer sustainable. The problem is not you. The problem is not me either. It's not the human being or the economic system t...

art | Some clues so art understand you

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July 12, 2019

... Art does not have to be what you like. Art is not what art talks about. Art does not communicate because art should not recognize you. Hide you from art. It would be easy to finish art out, but art must exist. Art must be one, the only one, and we should be able to see it. To see art is to change th...

art | If you udnaertsnd taht is bseuace you're rghit, sptuid!

Opinion, ideas, articles
June 6, 2019

... artist. English is ready to survive us. Catalan, French or Spanish are the languages ​​with which sea lions rot on the beaches' shores. The languages ​​that kill giant red ants softly in a second. The languages ​​that move forward, pushed by the wind which burns everything. The languag...

art | Silence is a fake new to be confirmed

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April 30, 2019

... artists try to hate with their lyrics, their sounds and their silences. They wave their poetry under the form of flags, to ask the father for permission. They mark the borders with their music and their stories in order to be generous, whatever it takes. Artists owns all the identities and all the n...

art | Not talking about Barça-Madrid

Opinion, ideas, articles
April 19, 2019

... art and God allow us to be serious. This seriousness prevents us from knowing to win and lose. When you don't know to win and lose, problems of the world become not possible. Problems which are not possible have the virtue of explaining us, this meaning that war's appearance must cause victims and s...

art | Catalonia, year 2 (and world's dead)

Opinion, ideas, articles
March 21, 2019

... art of that movement, we have the clear convition that the next time someone would be brave enought to say no, his/her voice will be heard louder and stronger....

art | The 8th wonder of the world: reality

Opinion, ideas, articles
March 20, 2019

... artistic parasite. His job is not to cheat and his nature is intellectual. The violence against God was to preserve paradise and hell. Thanks to that violence we've been able to write this and be good. You've helped me to kill God. At the gates of paradise, we just have the truth left that we write...

art | Can we avoid success?

Opinion, ideas, articles
February 10, 2019

... art stole us selfishness, now, in order to ask for help, we post our own photos of when we were children in social networks. Asking for help is an art which only children understand, it's the war's main issue which we've wanted to forget in order to get a future. Technology has finished with progres...

art | Catalonia, year 1

Opinion, ideas, articles
December 28, 2018

... art, feminism, etc, and that is what is hard to take. The catalan's awkward political situation we're living today is the poisoned fruit of all of this. During this last year, the independence movement, subjected to a process of leftism and forced to confront the ghosts of the left, has forgotten th...

art | This machine kills fascists

Opinion, ideas, articles
November 21, 2018

... art which envies itself and tries to weed out what it already is. Art which can't be anything other than art is replicated in infinite forms. Art, for example, imitates Time in order to gives us back to paradise. Art is the image which we do listen. Art doesn't need to lose and win is always one of ...

art | Everything is truht

Opinion, ideas, articles
November 11, 2018

... artisan unlike imagination that is scientific. Imagination doesn't lie and it's impossible to repent of the monsters it creates. The value of truth and art is imaginative and eternal, and that is why people are interesting on it. The value of imagination is economic, unique and real, and that's why ...

art | Tourism's positive effects: the sea

Opinion, ideas, articles
October 28, 2018

... arth which steals my name and the one who's reflected in the sky with envy. Too dark to be a savage. I hate the inherte earth which only wants nothing. I'm wasting away. Going and coming. Constant and so on, I burn the fire because it's possible. You keep your happy guitar art. Look at my throat if...

art | Democracy is the new nature

Opinion, ideas, articles
October 13, 2018

... art, with an animal appearance. Another of its limits is that democracy is the miracle that happens without permission from God or art when miracle has not yet taken place....

art | Theory of the end of the conspiracy: the global inspiration

Opinion, ideas, articles
October 8, 2018

... art to suspect that life has not been yet. If life has not occurred, something is clear, someone has to be living by us. This no memory thought remember us that only art can be living by us and that's the reason why art is also the first enemy of freedom and the best accomplice of the State. Prison...

art | Why they say socialism when they mean socialism?

Opinion, ideas, articles
September 27, 2018

... artist. Mothers who sacrifice themselves do it so against revolution and selfishly, which is the only possible idea of love and maybe of everything. The left, and all its isms, does not like these mothers and fights them in every way, which were also stolen. Mothers who do not respond to these form...

art | Revolution is not pronnounced

Opinion, ideas, articles
September 27, 2018

... art of catalan society, regarding to what happened in Catalonia on October 1, 2017, are this same silence filled of gestures, repeated over and over again, and meant to be able to move us forward. A full silence which art takes advantge of to defeat us, and that should remind us, that fear is not a...

art | Angels and recession: a practical guide to overcome the crisis

Opinion, ideas, articles
September 26, 2018

... artists condemned to the certainty that we can show up and let be seen. Angels have always had the ability to define us and that has cost them dearly. The decline of the angels is the price they have paid for our lack of selfishness and it is in our hands to be able to stop it. In this new era, wit...

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