believe | Foreword I

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July 6, 2021

... believe in their mistake. And the believers, always with modernity in tow, capable of publicly renouncing their faith rather than sharing the burden of such a cross. These penalties are not unfortunate, they are not prohibited, that is why they freeze everything we say. The focus that has been plac...

believe | Solutions to the challenges of the 21st century: the importance of the deformed

August 3, 2020

... believe in what I am saying, all options must be developed at the same time or what is the same, that intelligence forces us to look, that the situation be only capable of thinking everything and we stop belong to it. You never regret this loss. We have been unable to stop learning for years. Depri...

believe | Thanks

March 18, 2020

... believed loved us. Between eternity and survival, thankfulness. The serious thing it's not that time killed God. The serious thing is that he did so on your behalf as on mine as well, whether we smile or not. The words that time throw to us like sharp knives are not meant to make you smile but to c...

believe | Interrupted immigration

March 10, 2020

... believe that we are protecting ourselves, in our transition from the countryside to the city, we have run out of enemies, that is, with nobody to save. The citizen, unlike the modern citizen or the artist, owes his power to the creation of the enemy. He knows that the enemy cannot be denied and this...

believe | The Third World Truth

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October 5, 2019

... believed that we could be seen, true enough to have been exposed. Power has realized, we have been seen, and now, you already know it. Indeed. The people already know. You already know that to take away the power from people, you have to force them to have it, because you don't actually want the po...

believe | If you udnaertsnd taht is bseuace you're rghit, sptuid!

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June 6, 2019

... believe in God because English is the language with which God is forced to understand nothing. However, in English you can be a poet and sell death. Only in English you can be able to avoid jail or avoid being an artist. English is ready to survive us. Catalan, French or Spanish are the languages Ô...

believe | Barcelona: the ultimate guide

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May 10, 2019

... believe she's beautiful and rebel, but they never get it because they will never believe that she's a meuca*. Barcelona only practices an inbred and small-town sex which disgusts her. Barcelona is guilty enough to be real but little else. Barcelona is the capital of a country which exists but nobod...

believe | Silence is a fake new to be confirmed

Opinion, ideas, articles
April 30, 2019

... believe that dancing is what they can't do, where did they learn to be such good cowards? Before knowing that they did not know, why did they decide to recognize the teacher and thus, reveal the secret in exchange for an identity? These people think that it's the instinct which led them to change th...

believe | Catalonia, year 1

Opinion, ideas, articles
December 28, 2018

... believers which makes us to lose faith and becoming less recognizable. As has happened before in history, Catalonia is giving birth to Spain. This is the conflict. ...

believe | 5 things to do before living

Opinion, ideas, articles
December 20, 2018

... believe, you'll write it. Trap 3. If you believe, you'll never hear yes again. Reading books is the promise of paradise. To read books is to steal to the wounded child you've been, the opportunity to explain himself. To read books is the grown up way of being humiliate in order to be happy. If you ...

believe | Democracy is the new nature

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October 13, 2018

... believe in God. Also due to the fact that democracy protects us... if it wasn't because of atheists who believe that it's God. As it happened before regarding God and nature, today democracy is in danger. Atheists try to protect it by making up an enemy. We all know the names of that enemy. There'r...

believe | The future is hopeful

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September 26, 2018

... believe in the fact of God will continue to pay you because you do not believe in consuming and because that is what you do, to do not believe. Without believing and with zero production, consuming is the right by which you will be forcing to keep moving. Money's value has never been economic. Mone...

believe | Angels and recession: a practical guide to overcome the crisis

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September 26, 2018

... believe it puts us in danger. That is why their presence causes us rejection, almost nausea, and this is good because it leads us to call our beliefs into question. Their frozen laughter, as a sort of lost humanity, pushes us to want to recover the war's form and to try to place ourselves between th...

believe | Our generation

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September 25, 2018

... believe that it was a fair deal.We spent many years being muted, resisting, for so long protesting blank and without giving our opinion loudly, so finally it turned out that they forbade it to us. They kidnapped our will, our vote and our speech without knowing that we did not have any of that left...

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