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February 26, 2020

... Catalans, without identity because they've been sheltered by the mountain. The victories of the Catalans are never victories but a way of explaining and defining what a victory is. That is the mountain which give to the Catalans a untity and allows them to stop seeing nature. This is how the Catalan...

catalans | Catalonia, year 2 (and world's dead)

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March 21, 2019

... catalans for the independence are considered nationalists. It has (almost) nothing to do either with any other of the considerations which have been said constantly therefore they still has to be said. Despite the noise of the discussions to which this movement is subjected could've been able to alt...

catalans | Catalonia, year 1

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December 28, 2018

... catalans' we did not win and this misunderstanding is one of the mistakes which have led us to the current and awful situation. That day, we did something different to win, we said what it is to win. From the historical point of view, that day, Catalonia decided what was the historical point of view...

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