citizen | Interrupted immigration

March 10, 2020

... citizen, unlike the modern citizen or the artist, owes his power to the creation of the enemy. He knows that the enemy cannot be denied and this knowledge is used to receive the word. For the citizen, the enemy is never the idea with which the enemy forces you to win or lose nor is it the idea that ...

citizen | United States of the world

February 26, 2020

... citizen is projected. Europeans are still able to give up power. The Spaniards don't risk anything anymore. Without any nationalism or nation to defend, the force that sustains Spain in the conflict against Catalonia is not grounded on its State, its army or its mass media but in the Spaniards. The...

citizen | Catalonia, year 2 (and world's dead)

Opinion, ideas, articles
March 21, 2019

... citizens were built up, identities and nationalisms that never belonged to us so we are forced to defend them because we feel in debt. The catalan movement, in its fleeting and intense life, has not been able though to run away from the Right-Left regime and it is also collapsing because it did not...

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