death | What we mean

July 4, 2020

... Death means that, only that is death and everything but that will take you to your destiny. Creating the system necessarily requires three conditions. First. Avoid the lot of work that requires letting them ask for your opinion. Two. Avoid the effort involved in answering with one yes to another yes...

death | Thanks

March 18, 2020

... death in order to be confident enought to be and say, life is the only monstrosity that the imagination can't regret. In this life of ours, words detach from lizards to lie and they are meant to look from the inert wings of butterflies. In this life of ours, words struggle to survive, they need the...

death | If you udnaertsnd taht is bseuace you're rghit, sptuid!

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June 6, 2019

... death. Only in English you can be able to avoid jail or avoid being an artist. English is ready to survive us. Catalan, French or Spanish are the languages ​​with which sea lions rot on the beaches' shores. The languages ​​that kill giant red ants softly in a second. The languages ​​th...

death | Love + fate = 0

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January 16, 2019

... death. Love is the only way to avoid fate and the only way to do so is by being in two places at the same time. That is the knowledge that remains hidden and the way to ask ourselves about our eternity. Death is not our destiny but the nature of the will which, in one hand, allows us to live and ...

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