fear | Foreword I

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July 6, 2021

... fear that your escape will never be conservative enough to achieve the necessary consequences on whatever it is we want to take down. We will continue reading to be able to continue supporting the hierarchical structure that gives meaning to all of us. Reading is a murderer, and of course macho, alt...

fear | What we mean

July 4, 2020

... fear of being heard, I look myself in the mirror, and avoid hell, beauty and intelligence. Mirror becomes the word's home, the sound that shows me the matter and the place where the reflection of the universe projects my shape. To escape from mirror the only thing we have left is to create the syst...

fear | Thanks

March 18, 2020

... fears to shine more than ever and to be the force enough to warp the enemy without having to know whether we won or we lost....

fear | The Third World Truth

Opinion, ideas, articles
October 5, 2019

... fear of being discovered is anything but a man in a man's suit, in a woman's suit, in a man's suit, a transvestite with anything to hide not even the old suspicion that others are disguised. The power has realized. The problem, now that we are observed, is that deception will no longer remain a disg...

fear | Silence is a fake new to be confirmed

Opinion, ideas, articles
April 30, 2019

... fear and power. Actually, they're such good cowards because it isn't the first time they come to this world and make the try, however, they will never know to avoid having to say thank you. The homeland is one of the silences that artists try to hate with their lyrics, their sounds and their silenc...

fear | Can we avoid success?

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February 10, 2019

... fears them and art, for the same reason, hates them. Mothers are not right because they do not need to ask for help and dream about the war in order to resign defeat. Mothers who have no reason, do talk to defeat their enemy in the child's form as their son in the enemy's form. Mothers who really ca...

fear | Catalonia, year 1

Opinion, ideas, articles
December 28, 2018

... fear the future instead of oneself. It is about choosing not to understand that to achieve independence either we renounce being Catalan and dilute our language, history and culture in the future or there will be no freedom or true civil rights. To dilute in the future to emerge strengthened, as a ...

fear | This machine kills fascists

Opinion, ideas, articles
November 21, 2018

... fear. That empty full space is fascism. Fascism is the antithesis and the enemy of the wild, the primitive, the jungle and the nature. The existence of nature makes possible fascism because fascism is the natural state of those which have no form. Having form to avoid fascism is useless. Having f...

fear | Not talking about feminism

Opinion, ideas, articles
October 28, 2018

... fear who knows that fake is the truth that can't be denied and the one who has stopped remembering how to obey. We need women who lie. We need useless men who do not provide service, uncultured men who do not worship. Only the brave woman who lies will recognize the man and only the cultless man wi...

fear | Revolution is not pronnounced

Opinion, ideas, articles
September 27, 2018

... fear is not a feeling but a matter of style. It's not true that the unknown scares us. Actually, we are only scared of what we understand best, but we cannot pronounce. Anyway, what is still happening today, and will continue to happen tomorrow, is history now, because history is not repeating itsel...

fear | Angels and recession: a practical guide to overcome the crisis

Opinion, ideas, articles
September 26, 2018

... fear us or so they believe. Angels are neither matter nor cease to be, or so they believe. Angels are the guardians of something valuable or so they believe. The matter is angels are not able to say anything other than the truth and use language only to avoid having to ask for forgiveness. That is w...

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