form | Why Picasso is such a shitty artist

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July 17, 2021

... formity, the soil and the lie, by definition, do not accept being unobserved and therefore, they would serve us too much for our purpose. The only way to recognize what should not be looked at is through the eyes of debased children. Thus, mothers are the only possible visible example of our ego an...

form | Foreword I

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July 6, 2021

... forms of creation. One, related to the origin and which the most honest thing is to leave it quickly. And the second way, which does not exist, is this which you are reading. It is about putting enough talent to do what you do worst and defying destiny forcing it to tell you who you are. Your talen...

form | Solutions to the challenges of the 21st century: the importance of the deformed

August 3, 2020

... formed saves us. It takes us away from ourselves. If you want to pray for something, pray for the deformed. If you don't want to hurt you when eating hot food, to sleep better, to balance your energy, keep always the deformed in your thoughts. The deformed connects us with God, through his angels, a...

form | What we mean

July 4, 2020

... forms, is the matter with which to create the system, the matter that elevates the man, the woman and the son, and says them....

form | Thanks

March 18, 2020

... form. That is when we return to life only because the enemy tells us. We come back to life because, although the good and noble feelings move us, we still suspect that only life can threaten time. We return to life because, despite we rather be observed by death in order to be confident enought to b...

form | The capitalism which can save the planet

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August 14, 2019

... form. Our planet is one more victim of the State's apologies. As long as we are still able to see nature, you will keep moving away from me and the planet will continue to burn down without being able to be consumed. Our planet can withstand pollution, warming and overpopulation. The only thing it ...

form | Some clues so art understand you

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July 12, 2019

... formation in the material loss and excess behalf so we can touch the extremes and as results of that, that confusion makes us regain proportion, form and ultimately, we can disobey the father. Art does not have to be what you are. The only thing which should worry you is that art should push you a...

form | Barcelona: the ultimate guide

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May 10, 2019

... formation for customers: this place is beautiful without you, please, come back when you're gone and enjoy it. Thank you. *meuca : a whore in catalan....

form | Silence is a fake new to be confirmed

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April 30, 2019

... form of flags, to ask the father for permission. They mark the borders with their music and their stories in order to be generous, whatever it takes. Artists owns all the identities and all the nationalisms but they only speak out about the selfishness that father gave them. In the artists' silence ...

form | Not talking about Barça-Madrid

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April 19, 2019

... form will endure in time but it won't be time and, therefore, its effect over us will be small enough to cause suffering. Unlike the great battle, battles in history never take place in order to create a future which speaks in our name. Otherwise, the appearance of fun and play does go through hist...

form | Catalonia, year 2 (and world's dead)

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March 21, 2019

... forms, indebting itself to the eternal gesture of Rosa Parks and giving the favor back to the french Revolution. Because definitly, the October first, 2017 is not a day, it's the Act. The October first, 2017 is the revolution, that is, the revolution's representation which escapes from history and ...

form | The 8th wonder of the world: reality

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March 20, 2019

... form one that gives us back the selfishness that we were stolen, the zero movement, where us is not the sum of anything. We live in the reality's look but we continue to beg the child and the animal to let us play and dance. It is true that reality also has hope and an ideology. It is true that rea...

form | Can we avoid success?

Opinion, ideas, articles
February 10, 2019

... form as their son in the enemy's form. Mothers who really can handle the form have no future because they're the only ones who do choose. Mothers are not mothers because they do not submit to themselves in order to be. Us it's not violent nor an appearance but it doesn't belong to itself therefore ...

form | This machine kills fascists

Opinion, ideas, articles
November 21, 2018

... form. Having form to avoid fascism is useless. Having form has become useless because we resort to art which envies itself and tries to weed out what it already is. Art which can't be anything other than art is replicated in infinite forms. Art, for example, imitates Time in order to gives us back ...

form | Everything is truht

Opinion, ideas, articles
November 11, 2018

... forms. The individual is at the same time, a system. The subjectivity of the individual is true but also doesn't possess unity. The individual who seeks unity in the group is not wrong but he/she won't find it. The individual who is not so worried with making a mistake but finding unity, will only ...

form | Not talking about feminism

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October 28, 2018

... form of war. It's the place where man and woman meet each other for the first time so the inspiration finally can liberate us from the language. Where freedom makes us true. Nonword wants to be the woman of this new era, the woman with no fear who knows that fake is the truth that can't be denied a...

form | Theory of the end of the conspiracy: the global inspiration

Opinion, ideas, articles
October 8, 2018

... form of an explosion. To understand the State we went back to the origin over and over again by writing only one word. During these last years the State is asking us for forgiveness which is a form of violence and we start to suspect that life has not been yet. If life has not occurred, something i...

form | Why they say socialism when they mean socialism?

Opinion, ideas, articles
September 27, 2018

... formalities, who do not know how to respect that and so they choose to dialogue, inspire man to recover the war which mean the lost form. The left, and all its isms, also robbed us time which is the Great Father to undergo trying to tear it down. That is the project of the left and its future, the ...

form | The future is hopeful

Opinion, ideas, articles
September 26, 2018

... formed ants. Capitalism and modernity tried it before already by making us pay for their bad conscience for having written such a lousy novel. Today however, humankind reconnects, it gets back to the natural through likes and followers power. Nobody is watching you, it's just your reconnected body ...

form | Angels and recession: a practical guide to overcome the crisis

Opinion, ideas, articles
September 26, 2018

... form and to try to place ourselves between those two modern worlds that we're leaving behind and this new era which we have accepted. Because angels also fear us or so they believe. Angels are neither matter nor cease to be, or so they believe. Angels are the guardians of something valuable or so t...

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