idea | Foreword I

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July 6, 2021

... idea in order to die. We need to abandon the dire need to create. This is devouring the young as it is the only way it remains for them to traffic over time. Time dictates only two basic forms of creation. One, related to the origin and which the most honest thing is to leave it quickly. And the s...

idea | Interrupted immigration

March 10, 2020

... idea which we are allowed to defend, the only territory where war is once again the only political option that saves us from language and allows us to be modern again. In the city, art becomes useful again for those who have nothing to show. Facing all these threats finished by future, in front of a...

idea | The Third World Truth

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October 5, 2019

... ideas, but just be able to be agree in order to discuss. You don't want to argue, but just to be able to discriminate in order to believe and not to be alone. You know now, that only artists are not alone and that they're the only ones to not be able of having enemies. We are not weak, but we want ...

idea | 5 things to do before living

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December 20, 2018

... idea I went halfway around the world, I saw a single landscape, I visited only one country, I met only three men, a dog, a pig and a monkey, just one woman and dozens of animals and trees. "How many trees have there been in your life?", I use to ask myself when I lose hope. Trees don't like us too m...

idea | Everything is truht

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November 11, 2018

... idea. Each idea is also a group or system. Truth, reason and science are artisan unlike imagination that is scientific. Imagination doesn't lie and it's impossible to repent of the monsters it creates. The value of truth and art is imaginative and eternal, and that is why people are interesting on ...

idea | Why they say socialism when they mean socialism?

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September 27, 2018

... ideas but just a bad father who doesn't allow you to stop being an artist. Mothers who sacrifice themselves do it so against revolution and selfishly, which is the only possible idea of love and maybe of everything. The left, and all its isms, does not like these mothers and fights them in every wa...

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