nature | Foreword I

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July 6, 2021

... nature expresses itself with flight, it is narrative, and reading, on the other hand, is evident. If you read, sooner or later, you will want to defend yourself because everything you read, to a greater or lesser extent, is written by cowards who at the time did not dare to flee and who will only l...

nature | Solutions to the challenges of the 21st century: the importance of the deformed

August 3, 2020

... nature kills animals and at the same time, denounce that animals are killing us. And to be able to recognize that this is the context which imposes on us an identity with the shape of a salt statue, an identity that cannot avoid being overwhelmed by the creation of the dead movement. The society th...

nature | Interrupted immigration

March 10, 2020

... nature's birthplace. The city is the only idea which we are allowed to defend, the only territory where war is once again the only political option that saves us from language and allows us to be modern again. In the city, art becomes useful again for those who have nothing to show. Facing all these...

nature | United States of the world

February 26, 2020

... nature. This is how the Catalans express themselves and define their relationship with power and art, not matter if it's just for a momment in time. Spain and the European Union ignore where they are heading to, something that they can afford as they move towards the imposed failure. Nationalisms a...

nature | The Third World Truth

Opinion, ideas, articles
October 5, 2019

... nature. Without the necessary soil, truth and reasons can only offer us the paradise, as the great threat beneath, the miror of animals with hats . Only the necessary soil can give us the vision that allows us to go into war and not be exposed, to avoid that the possibility of dissaster take the sh...

nature | The capitalism which can save the planet

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August 14, 2019

... nature, you will keep moving away from me and the planet will continue to burn down without being able to be consumed. Our planet can withstand pollution, warming and overpopulation. The only thing it can not withstand in any way, is paradise. Long time ago someone killed God to preserve heaven and...

nature | The 8th wonder of the world: reality

Opinion, ideas, articles
March 20, 2019

... nature is intellectual. The violence against God was to preserve paradise and hell. Thanks to that violence we've been able to write this and be good. You've helped me to kill God. At the gates of paradise, we just have the truth left that we write to discredit reality. We are getting closer to the...

nature | Love + fate = 0

Opinion, ideas, articles
January 16, 2019

... nature of the will which, in one hand, allows us to live and makes us eternal but in the other hand, moves us away from our selfishness, the word given and the promise of love. Fulfilling that promise is to die, meaning the act and therefore, the word's recognition....

nature | 5 things to do before living

Opinion, ideas, articles
December 20, 2018

... nature stopped looking for me and I no longer entertain culture. Despite that, I never stopped believing enough to write my own traps: Trap 1. If you think it's a game, you'll learn how to obey. Trap 2. If you do not believe, you'll write it. Trap 3. If you believe, you'll never hear yes again. Re...

nature | This machine kills fascists

Opinion, ideas, articles
November 21, 2018

... nature. The existence of nature makes possible fascism because fascism is the natural state of those which have no form. Having form to avoid fascism is useless. Having form has become useless because we resort to art which envies itself and tries to weed out what it already is. Art which can't b...

nature | Democracy is the new nature

Opinion, ideas, articles
October 13, 2018

... Nature is dead and thanks to this, today we can better believe in God. Also due to the fact that democracy protects us... if it wasn't because of atheists who believe that it's God. As it happened before regarding God and nature, today democracy is in danger. Atheists try to protect it by making up...

nature | The future is hopeful

Opinion, ideas, articles
September 26, 2018

... nature and the world than an animal. Animals want to help, they have hope, a future, an ideology and it's their words which we should protect actually. Protecting nature shouldn't be well seen, shouldn't even be legal because it puts our planet in danger. The point is that nature happens so fast tha...

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