system | What we mean

July 4, 2020

... system. The lack of a system does not suppose chaos or anarchy, because it does not suppose the lack of something, but rather means being more exposed to the truth by the fact of wanting to be able to say. Once again, we return to those arms that lift us up again, and now, without words, we do say: ...

system | United States of the world

February 26, 2020

... system but a unity. Catalonia will be conqueror or it won't be, knowing that Spain can be anywhere. Nationalisms and identities no longer protect us. The proof of the existence of Catalonia and its survival is its own inability to materialize itself, that is, to express the desire to feel like a wi...

system | The capitalism which can save the planet

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August 14, 2019

... system that threatens the planet because the problem has no a threat but an apology form. Our planet is one more victim of the State's apologies. As long as we are still able to see nature, you will keep moving away from me and the planet will continue to burn down without being able to be consumed...

system | Silence is a fake new to be confirmed

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April 30, 2019

... system and help out. Far away from art I approach you. Silence, like an imagination, comes out of my mouth to ask you to stay. In that silence you can talk about everything, prejudice becomes beautiful and people and countries stop being a prison. Without a jail where breathing, my robot identity s...

system | Catalonia, year 2 (and world's dead)

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March 21, 2019

... system but a goal. Understanding this means to understand that democracy is an endless process to achieve not a system but a unity. Democracy get us ready to go outside the law. It is a constant and frustrating learning process which must continue so democracy can be proven. To think we live in a de...

system | The 8th wonder of the world: reality

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March 20, 2019

... system or supergroup. The supergroup creates constantly its own arguments in order we to have problems to not understand. We write subordinates to flee awfully. We stay alive so we do not have to be so smart. We hate others because we are afraid that reality do breathe. We hate reality for the same ...

system | Catalonia, year 1

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December 28, 2018

... system. The nonviolence strategy has nothing to do with pacifism. It has to do with the need to take the initiative away from the enemy by getting rid of the language but also understanding that it's the war which is at stake but not the speech. On October first, 2017, 'catalans' we did not win and...

system | This machine kills fascists

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November 21, 2018

... system, it's a unity. The unity is only obtained outside the law. It shows up when we place extreme in the center of the public space because we leave extremes without enemies. If we talk about countries, we must only talk about freedom. The 'most democratic' countries have the least freedom. In ret...

system | Everything is truht

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November 11, 2018

... system. In the group or system there is no unity but there's truth. There is no unity because the system needs to be incoherent in order to be fairness. In the group, it isn't necessary ego, communication or understanding since individuals can reach the truth. The truth in the group is real, physic...

system | Democracy is the new nature

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October 13, 2018

... system. So, the only thing you can do is asking yourself over and over why a democratic State attacks you and how come you can even feel its hatred so close even being a word you never believed in. One of the limits of democracy is that democracy is a dictatorship not hijacked by art, with an anima...

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