Man doesn't exist, he is due for the origin. This message is transmitted through matter. The problem is that matter is no longer what it most looks like us and that exposes us. The problem cannot be generated, woman's voice does tell to us, the echo that creates the place where we can only recognize ourselves under the watchful eye of future.

The woman lifts her newborn son in her arms who, for the first time, looks her in the eye and says:

-You are going to be my enemy.

This message is not transmitted through genes but through words. The woman does not breed because the woman always exists. That is the woman's apology to the son who never becomes the son because the word does not recognize him.

If the message cannot be transmitted, there can be no unity neither a system. The lack of a system does not suppose chaos or anarchy, because it does not suppose the lack of something, but rather means being more exposed to the truth by the fact of wanting to be able to say. Once again, we return to those arms that lift us up again, and now, without words, we do say:

-A thousand years have passed. Now I will be you.

Without war. Without enemy. The message is still not transmitted, we move, and the scene that should protect us is now paradise. Let me do something for you. Let me ask you if you are going to be my creator. And I want to answer you yes while I pray because I fear of being heard, I look myself in the mirror, and avoid hell, beauty and intelligence. Mirror becomes the word's home, the sound that shows me the matter and the place where the reflection of the universe projects my shape.

To escape from mirror the only thing we have left is to create the system, something that avoids the overwhelming creation of the woman, the man and the son. Death means that, only that is death and everything but that will take you to your destiny. Creating the system necessarily requires three conditions. First. Avoid the lot of work that requires letting them ask for your opinion. Two. Avoid the effort involved in answering with one yes to another yes. And three. Avoid all the truth that involves destruction. The absence, of work and above all, of the forms, is the matter with which to create the system, the matter that elevates the man, the woman and the son, and says them.

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