In English you can't respect the law. In English it's impossible to do science neither to become a humanist. However incredible it seems, in English you can not believe in God because English is the language with which God is forced to understand nothing. However, in English you can be a poet and sell death. Only in English you can be able to avoid jail or avoid being an artist. English is ready to survive us.

Catalan, French or Spanish are the languages ​​with which sea lions rot on the beaches' shores. The languages ​​that kill giant red ants softly in a second. The languages ​​that move forward, pushed by the wind which burns everything. The languages ​​with which polar bears despise you before eating salmon. They are the same languages ​​with which you submit to God by killing God.

There is only one language and it's the language which you do have the least command of. That unique language which you do not master is the only language which can help you. You will say the first and the last word in that language. Surely they do not understand you but you will have the opportunity to be forgiven. Only in that language which you do not master you will be able to thank all the prizes you won. That is the language your mother used to tell you "my son, you must never speak this language" just before she stop being your mother.

That unique language which you do not master get you away from the past and the future. It takes you away from the infinite images which are kept in each word and describe us. It takes you away from the infinite men and the infinite women who are stored with their destinies as word's metadata. That unique language get you away from all cultures because that unique language is meant to tell the lie and finish time.

How long will this phrase take to look ridiculous? We are all able to ask that because we all know that we are in danger and exposed to words. We know this danger because we flee towards the images seeking the shelter that protects us. Perhaps in English the risk is lower but in Catalan, French or Spanish, the situation really threatens to be catastrophic and it is likely that its consequences will intensify in the coming decades especially in the sectors of the population with fewer resources.

The images keep us away from ridicule. The images are the voice of the angels which make us feel ourselves and allow us to speak the God's language. That voice is true and meaning which in exchange for example of a future and a past, it help us to leads us irremediably away from forgiveness and the possibility of disaster.

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