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Whether you are a journalist, writer, poet, or just for pleaser, send us your text... as well as if you believe it serves to improve the world.
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Not fees. Not boundaries.

Write and share your personnal opinion about politics, culture, sport or any other subject that concerns you.

Post online in any language you feel like. Post in English, French, Spanish or any other minority language such Catalan which we specially do support.

How to earn money writing online. (Ask us about it once your first article has been aproved).

The facts are the new feelings

Online writing Tips. Writing is a matter of incidence.

We do not like the rules because we do not like to have to break them. However, we woud like to give you some tips before you start writing your text:

- We are not trying to discover the best writer in you. Do not forget to just enjoy writing

- Wether your text it is not approved, do not take us so seriously.

Need motivation getting started?

Barcelona Gloabal Post is an interesting blog, a different magazine, an opinion essay newspaper and just a place to develop and enhance your opinion, express yourself and share it with other people all around the world. Whether you are a journalist, writer, poet or just because you feel like, send us your text. Every opinion, story, comment, thought, poem, essay, report or review, long or short, will be read.

Be part of our team!

If you think your point of view should be presented here on Barcelona Global Post, then don’t hesitate to send us your opinion essay. Please use the link below to write your post.

If we think that your texts are a good fit for Barcelona Global Post, we will approve them and let our readers and social media followers know about them. Let us spread your words!

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Inspiration to write the world

Any subject do interest us. This is the place to talk about politics, sports, culture but cooking, fashion, nature, science as well (yes, we have got the inspiration to write this text thanks to a cooking issue). This newspaper though, was born due to the situation of political injustice that we lived in Catalonia in recent years. It is just a drop in the ocean but quite big enough for us to give specially support to all kinds of texts which, whether on form or content, denounce injustices.

If you believe wrtiting improve your world, let us know by filling out the form you will find clicking the link bellow. We will check it out and approve it here at Barcelona Global Post to improve our world as well!

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